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2018 - 19 Auditions

Application Requirements

Applications must include the following elements :
– the completed application form
– a copy of the candidate’s valid national identity card
– a copy of the candidate’s diplomas
– a professional resumé
– a photo
– a personal motivation statement explaining why the candidate would like to join TOA

Please note

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

An accompanist will be provided at the audition if necessary (to be specified on application form).

Candidates are requested to bring 3 copies of their audition repertoire to the audition.

Audition Repertoire

For Singers
– a Mozart aria
– a Romantic aria
– a Romantic or 20th century lied

For Pianists
– a virtuosic étude
– a character piece
– the first movement of a Classical sonata
– a Mozart aria to simultaneously sing and play


December 6 – 11
Call for Applications

December 12

Results announced (evening)

December 13
First TOA meeting

About Toa

TOA was created by the Perennis Association in 2017 to address Romania’s “talent drain”, a societal phenomenon particular to post-Communist countries whereby young talents are compelled to leave their country in the pursuit of international-level education and professional opportunities.

In order to respond to this phenomenon and create an international-level opera academy in situ, TOA fosters an environment of introspection, growth, and achievement for young opera professionals in the heart of Transylvania, which will challenge its participants while helping them to successfully negotiate the transition from student to professional.

TOA is an innovative professional development and insertion program offering international-level mentoring and performance opportunities to exceptional young talents in the field of Opera.

Elizabeth Askren


Founder and Artistic Director

More about Elizabeth

The Académie Model

The Académie of the Opéra National de Paris distinguishes itself from other world-class young artist opera programs by incorporating several backstage craftsmanship specializations into its fellowships.

This innovative model fosters inclusivity and supports a more complete representation of opera production while enhancing socio-economic interconnections between distinct operatic métiers .

Throughout the 2017-18 season, the French Ministry of Culture sponsored an administrative observation residency for TOA’s Artistic Director at the Académie.

TOA’s Model

Inspired by the Académie’s backstage-onstage model, TOA adds a third and crucial element to its academy: Directors, both artistic (conductors and stage directors) and administrative (non-profit administration and development).

By including performers, artisans, and directors, TOA touches every aspect of opera production.


Where the worlds of backstage, office, and onstage collaborate to make magic.


(2017 – )

  • Singers
  • Instrumentalists


(estimated 2019)

  • Lighting technicians
  • Costume makers
  • Set designers


(estimated 2019)

  • Cultural Nonprofit Exec.
  • Conductors
  • Stage Directors

A Blueprint Program

2018-19 Season

September 18

Website and Visual Image Launch

In partnership with Vlad Sulea & Doru Sana

September 19 – October 19; December 6 - 12

Audition and Selection Periods, Part I and II

In partnership with the Kolozsvari Magyar Opera and the «Gheorghe Dima» Academy of Music

October 22 – June 28

TOA sessions

Including masterclasses, ateliers, workshops, showcase concert, mentoring schemes, outreach events

2017 - 18
Season Highlights

Niste Oameni’s TDS Edition 5 at the National Theater;

the nationally-televised Regal de Opera;

a season-long residency at the Opéra National de Paris’ Académie, sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture.

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